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The law office of Lloyd Donders, Esq. is uniquely positioned to offer our clients the knowledge and tools to aggressively advocate for their children to get the educational support they need. We understand that retaining an attorney can be expensive; especially considering that parents are often dealing with additional expenses related to their child with special needs. Sometimes it is necessary to hire an attorney to obtain the help your child needs. However, often you can get the help your child needs from his or her school without having to do so; and trying the less confrontational approach first can actually be an advantage.

The laws surrounding special education have changed dramatically in the last decade and has opened the door to many more services and support for children struggling in school. If your school sees you are knowledgeable, they are more willing to work with you. The problem is that many parents don’t know what support and services are available, let alone what their children are entitled to.

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The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders

Our firm will discuss the issues you are having and will work with parents and caregivers to make them aware of what is available and what strategies to use to best address your concerns. These services include educating the family to help them navigate the world of special education and understand what their children’s rights are. Lloyd’s first exposure to Education Law was back in 1996.  He started as a litigation attorney, but it wasn’t until his wife and he learned that they had a child with special needs that he found his true passion.  He had to advocate and, at times, battle for their child to get his needs met by his school.  As difficult as it was for him, an attorney, to fight for his son’s rights, it made him appreciate how many families were struggling even more with this.