The 504 Education Plan Lawyers in New York City

The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders is a 504 education plan lawyer in New York. What is a 504 education plan? How does it differ from an IEP? And how can a 504 education plan lawyer in New York help you?

A 504 education plan is a plan established for a child with a disability which allows teachers to make accommodations and/or modifications for the student within the normal classroom setting. Unlike an IEP, where a student may need individualized special instruction outside of the classroom, a 504 education plan involves planning for in-classroom instruction and does not include “specialized instruction.”  This allows the child to remain in his or her normal class and access the same curriculum as his or her non -disabled peers.

A 504 education plan ensures that your child’s special health needs and education needs are met within the normal classroom setting. For example, if your child has a severe allergy, a 504 education plan may be put in place to ensure that your child remains safe while attending school or eating in the school cafeteria. Other medical disabilities like cancer, HIV, or other severe medical conditions may qualify your child for a 504 education plan. If your child needs insulin shots or diabetes monitoring, a 504 plan can ensure that health personnel and teachers are made aware of these needs. Students with physical disabilities may require a 504 education plan to ensure access to classroom facilities. Another example would be a student with limited vision being given preferential seating in classrooms to ensure that he or she can see the blackboard.

If your child has a major impairment that limits major life activities like caring for oneself, communicating, bending, breathing, doing manual tasks, eating, focusing, hearing, lifting, reading, seeing, sleeping, speaking, standing, thinking, walking, or working, he or she may qualify for a 504 education plan. Furthermore, if your child has been injured or disabled, a temporary 504 education plan can be put in place to accommodate your child for this time. Students with 504 education plans may be assigned paraprofessionals who can help them with needed tasks or offer additional support in the classroom. If you believe your child needs a 504 education plan, if you disagree with the 504 education plan in place, or if you believe your child is being wrongfully denied access to a 504 education plan, reach out to a 504 education plan lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders in New York today.

How a 504 Education Plan Can Help Your Child 

A 504 education plan can provide additional accommodations for your child inside the classroom and school setting. What are some ways a 504 education plan can help your child? Here are a few:

  • Ensure your child receives medicine if he or she needs medication administered in a school setting.
  • Provide your child with preferential seating if he or she has trouble seeing or hearing.
  • Provide your child with a paraprofessional who can provide classroom support and assistance.
  • Provide your child with testing and classroom accommodations that can include extra time to take tests, tests provided in braille or orally, permission to use assistive technology devices, or allow your child to take the test in a small group or in a quiet setting away from other students and distractions.
  • Provide your child with additional transportation accommodations, if public school transportation is offered.
  • In some cases, provide home instruction if your child will be out of school for a significant period of time.

These are just some of the ways that a 504 education plan can assist your child. Parents can ask their school and administrators to hold a 504 meeting for their child, where the child will be assessed to see if they qualify. In many cases, parents can request 504 accommodations or ask about what accommodations are in place. However, sometimes a 504 plan is not in place and one should be. Sometimes parents need to make formal complaints to ensure that their children receive the education they deserve and need. A 504 education plan lawyer like the New York attorney at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders may be able to help you. Our attorney can review your child’s special needs, review your situation, help you prepare for a 504 education plan meeting, or assist you with making a formal complaint. Special needs law cases can sometimes be complex. If you have questions about your rights or if you believe your child’s special needs are not being met, reach out to the 504 education plan lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders.

You Are Not Alone 

If you have a special needs child, you want to make sure his or her needs are met at school. A 504 education plan can ensure that this happens. If you have questions about the plan that is currently in place for your child, or have been facing difficulty getting a 504 education plan, or wish to make changes to a current plan, reach out to the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders, a 504 education plan lawyer in New York today.