It has been a real privilege to have Lloyd as our attorney and our advocate. He took his time to get to know my son’s needs, helped us navigate a confusing school district system, and litigated and won a full evaluation.  Finally, we were able to request much needed services.  Lloyd is awesome at his job and his knowledge of education law is flawless.  He makes himself available to explain things (multiple times), and his compassionate nature always has the child’s best interests at heart.

My daughter was bullied in a DOE high school.  She was suffering both academically and emotionally.  Lloyd was able to get the DOE to pay for her to attend a private school that met her academic and emotional needs.  I am grateful for his help and support.

I have to start by saying that Lloyd was sent from heaven!!!  My son who is now 10yrs old has been struggling in school since I can remember.  I kept telling the teachers and CSE that he needed more help and that I believed he was dyslexic. They just threw him in a general ed class and left him there for 4 years despite my many complaints and concerns.  It was only after Lloyd took over his case and got him all the proper independent evaluations that he was finally diagnosed with severe dyslexia and learning disabilities.   Lloyd then got my district to pay for private services to make up for their delay.  Now he is on the right track and getting all the services he needs.

Lloyd was able to get my son’s school district to pay for private evaluations which showed that they had not been meeting his needs for many years.  He was then able to get them to pay for private services to make up for their failure to provide an appropriate education to him.  My son is now doing well in high school.  Lloyd is the best.  He will fight for you and your child’s education.

Lloyd is the exception to the rule.  Lloyd has heart.  He’s not one of those lawyers that only takes “easy” cases and “big ticket” cases.  He worked with me in the way that I needed — I live upstate, and just needed some targeted advice at a key juncture.  The big name lawyers didn’t want to give my case the time of day….  As it turned out, the action Lloyd suggested for my particular situation turned out to be the turning point.  I wouldn’t have won without his help.  Lloyd is one of the good guys in special education.