Individualized Education Program (IEP) Lawyers in New York City

The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders is an individualized education program (IEP) lawyer in New York. If you need help getting your child tested for special education services, if you believe your child is being denied special education services, or if your child has an IEP and you believe the school isn’t following the plan to provide your child with the free appropriate public education he or she is entitled to receive under the law, the IEP lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders in New York may be able to help you.

What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

Students with disabilities, learning disabilities, developmental delays, or other disabilities may be eligible to receive an IEP, or individualized education program. Students with ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, cognitive disorders, autism, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech or language impairment, developmental delay, or physical disabilities may qualify for an IEP.

Special needs children have a right to receive a free appropriate public education. This means that special needs children should be instructed in the least restrictive environment possible. In many situations, children with IEPs should be able to be part of a regular classroom with peers of their age group, but their teacher will provide specialized accommodations to meet their needs. However, there are situations where children may need more personalized attention, specialized instruction, or additional accommodations—and in this case students may attend specialized classes.

In many cases, special needs children are identified and evaluated by teachers and specialists, an IEP is drafted, and students receive accommodations and modifications as needed. Sometimes, however, there are cases where parents disagree about the content of their child’s IEP, or they feel that their child isn’t receiving an adequate education given their IEP. In this case, some parents seek the assistance of an IEP law firm, like the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders in New York. The IEP lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders can review your child’s IEP, help you prepare for IEP meetings, assist you with disputes or complaints, and even assist you should you need to litigate the case. Many cases can be resolved outside of court, but some cases are complex and may require additional attention. Have questions about your rights? Reach out to a New York IEP lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders, today.

IEP (CSE) Meetings

Changing Your Child’s IEP

Parents have the right to request a review of their child’s IEP at any time, and they have the right to request an IEP evaluation at any time. Parents also have the right to review their child’s IEP, and request a meeting to discuss the plan. Parents can request that the plan be changed. When making these requests, it can sometimes be helpful to have supporting documentation (say, from a doctor or psychologist) to further support your case. Sometimes parents have been denied testing altogether, however. And sometimes disputes need to go through the complaint process.

What are some complaints that parents may have? Sometimes parents feel that an IEP is based on an inadequate evaluation of their child. Other times parents feel that the IEP places the child in a more restrictive learning environment than is appropriate. For example, whenever possible, children should be allowed to remain in the same classroom with their non-disabled peers. There are cases where specialized instruction may be appropriate, but in many cases, students can be accommodated in the classroom. In some cases, students with behavioral difficulties were expelled or transferred without their full needs being met. In other cases, children were told they needed to attend special schools, but proper procedures were not in place to permit continuity of education. Proper procedures need to be followed when placing children in special needs programs.

In other cases, children have seen disruptions to their educations due to transfer issues, or issues with placement. If your child was denied educational services, you may have rights as a parent. The IEP lawyer at the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders in New York can review your case and help you with the next steps. You are not alone.

The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders has an IEP attorney in New York who can assist you and your family if you need to change your child’s IEP or need assistance reviewing your child’s IEP. Our attorney may be able to help you every step of the way. Under the law, children are entitled to receive a free appropriate public education. This means that the school has a responsibility to identify students with special needs, evaluate these children, and deliver appropriate educational services to these children. If you believe your child’s needs are not being met, the Law Offices of Lloyd Donders is an IEP law firm in New York that may be able to help you.