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Dealing with Disciplinary Issues in School

Code of Student Conduct There is an important issue that is coming up more and more in schools today. This is the issue of school discipline. Many students have been caught up in School Districts’ enforcing their so-called Zero Tolerance policies. Districts have a great deal of latitude in disciplining their students; including suspension and […]

Common Core Standards

Expect to hear about this a lot over the next year. What are they? They are a new set of national education standards in math and English language arts. These standards will take effect in most states next year. Do we need them? Well, let’s look at what we had before. In 2009, 90% of […]

The Official Launch of the SpecialEdLegalInfo Blog

A Compromise You Can Both Live With Parents of struggling children often find themselves at odds with their mates. Frequently one is quicker to act than the other. One parent may feel the other is “in denial.” Another parent may feel the other is “overreacting.” But usually they both agree on one thing: they are […]