Accord New York Special Education Lawyers and Accord Tuition Reimbursement Attorneys.

The New York Office of Special Education works to promote educational equity and excellence for students with disabilities.  Special education attorneys in Accord NY can ensure they follow their responsibilities to oversee the implementation of federal and State laws and policies for students with disabilities; provide general supervision and monitoring of all public and private schools serving New York State preschool and school-age students with disabilities; fortify a network of providers working directly with parents and school districts offering information and high-quality professional development and assistance to improve results for students with disabilities. Accord NY Special education lawyers can assist with applications for mediation and impartial hearings and meet with stakeholders and advisors for special education services in New York.

Free and Appropriate Public Education Lawyers in Accord New York.

Under Federal law, students with special educational needs are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education in Accord NY, otherwise known as FAPE.  The Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) guarantees FAPE, but can lead to disagreements between the parents of children with special needs and school districts. Accord NY FAPE attorneys can act as mediators. School districts may believe they are providing an appropriate education for a child, but parents may understand actions as a denial to full access and a Free and Appropriate Public Education attorney in New York can help. A FAPE lawyer in Accord NY can assist families in their pursuit of tuition funding, or reimbursement for education outside of the public school system.

New York Special Education Section 504 Attorney in Accord NY.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law designed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities in any program, or activity that receives federal financial assistance. Accord NY Section 504 lawyers explain how this rule applies to public schools in Accord New York. The program ensures students with certain disabilities can participate in school programs and activities, covering academic and non-academic settings, as well as special school-related activities.  Students may be eligible for services even if they do not have a disability, or an individualized educational program (IEP). Individualized Educational Program lawyers in NY can help with accommodations that may include providing a structured learning environment, repeating, and simplifying test instructions, using behavioral management techniques, adjusting class schedules, modifying test delivery, and providing assistive technology, and medical and transportation services. Services offered under an accommodation plan must be provided at no cost to students, or parents. Special Education 504 attorneys in Accord NY can explain the benefits of an application under New York Law.

Accord NY Tuition reimbursement programs.


Accord New York tuition reimbursement lawyers can guide individuals through the relevant points of Section 678.3 of the New York Statute that outlines the tuition reimbursement program. Individuals may need reimbursement for specified expenses incurred in connection with approved educational and training activities completed by employees of the department and of local social services departments when special allocation to the district for these purposes has not been made. Tuition reimbursement attorneys in Accord who understand Section 678.3 can make certain that applications are filled out properly and all backup documents are supplied.

Accord NY Individual Education Program Law Firm.

The Individual Education Program (IEP) is the cornerstone of the special education process for each individual student and Accord NY IEP lawyers may be instrumental in the path toward eligibility. IEP  is a tool to document how one student’s special needs are related to his/her disability being met within the context of an educational environment.  This guidance document provides important information for Committees on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committees on Special Education (CSE) in developing IEPs that are reasonably calculated to result in educational benefit to a student.  The New York State standards apply to all students, regardless of their background, developmental learning differences, capabilities, or ambitions, and Accord IEP attorneys can act as intermediaries to resolve issues.  Individual pathways to education are tailored to each student and can include a wide range of abilities that will ensure they meet state and national curriculum standards.  Individual education program attorneys in Accord NY are familiar with learning standards, performance markers, and sample tasks that students are expected to achieve to fully demonstrate their movement through the levels of public education.  They can make formal evaluations to make sure these programs are up to New York standards.

  • State learning standards. Educational committees are responsible for recommending goals and services that will assist each student, keeping them focused and involved in general education curriculum progress. Members of a Committee must consider both the State’s learning standards, as well as the school-based instructional curriculum, which should be aligned to the State’s learning standards.
  • General curriculum development. Committees will need to know the expectations of the general education classroom for the corresponding age of the student, both in terms of what learning is expected, and how the students are expected to access/demonstrate that learning.
  • Data collection. Collected information will assist each committee in determining if the student needs adaptations, accommodations, or modifications to the general curriculum for all, or part of his/her learning experience. A student’s general education teacher(s) and family should participate in the committee meetings and the school district representative should be knowledgeable about the general education curriculum. A special education attorney can assist families with questions, curriculum development, and responsibilities of the State to devise a comprehensive program that will ensure a student meets essential learning milestones for each grade level.

Accord NY Limited English Proficiency Law Firm.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of national origin, among other things.  LEP attorneys in Accord can help with activities surrounding the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Executive Order 13166 ensures that, consistent with Title VI, persons with limited English proficiency have meaningful access to federally conducted and federally funded programs and activities. The Order requires all agencies that provide Federal financial assistance to issue guidance on how Title VI applies to recipients of that assistance to persons who have LEP. The LEP lawyers can assist that requirements are met where recipients and sub-recipient organizations create plans for ensuring activities provide meaningful access for persons who are LEP.  If individuals feel that are being barred from services, an experienced LEP attorney at The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders can help.

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